Arno - Assassin's Creed: Unity




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Progress Journal

19th September 2014

More progress

Asides from some detailing (which will be done as soon as I get the stuff in the post), the coat and waistcoats are done, along with the bootcovers. Just have a few belts to make, the trousers, and the hidden blade. Contemplating adding a sword too, but that will be done after everything else is complete and if I have time.

18th September 2014

Hood progress

I'm doing the hood in two separate pieces to start with - I used a pattern for Connor's hood and adjusted it where needed to make the main hood piece, and then I'm going to make a second piece to stitch it to which will then be how the hood attaches to the coat itself. First time making an Assassin hood and it's not perfect, but it's good enough.

17th September 2014

Coat resized.

So I realised that the coat was actually cut too big (the home-made pattern pieces I was using are measured out for both double and single-breasted coats, and I cut the pieces to be double-breasted by mistake), so I had to unpick everything and start over, but thankfully that didn't take too long. It's a much better fit now - I also took in the sleeves a little during the resizing process because they were much too wide and I wanted them to be more fitted.

16th September 2014

Waistcoats done

The two waistcoats are now complete, and all in a day's work! Since I don't want to have too many layers all around with this costume, I decided to make the reddish-brown waistcoat a proper garment, and the ivory/white one is just the front pieces stitched over the top. That way it should be cooler around my back when I wear the whole thing.

15th September 2014

Work begins

So I decided to start early enough so I can pace everything out and do one thing at a time instead of rushing into it and stressing myself out, so I started work on the coat for Arno first.
It's probably about 70% done. Still have sleeve cuffs, hood, etc to do but it's going well so far. The colours aren't a perfect match but it was all I could find that wasn't crazy expensive, and I'm definitely on a budget with this cosplay.