Zelda - Hyrule Warriors

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I've wanted to cosplay Zelda for a long time, however she is always done a lot.

Now that he design has been released and the game is out soon, i cannot not cosplay her, the design is amazing! And complex....


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Progress Journal

8th July 2014

Crown + First Test

I have used super lightweight clay (as usual) and made each little bit separately. I have also done all the other lil bits such as the hair plugs, drop beads (i couldn't find any to buy i liked) etc.
The picture to the right is a first tester, the crown needs finishing and of course the wig styling! But it's getting there.

8th July 2014


Made Zelda's shorts using and modifying a pattern from 1970, the older patterns are the best i find - when i actually tend to use them which is rare...^^ The fabric is a slight stretch cotton/latex combo (more cotton) so there has been no need to add fastenings which is useful as i don't have much time left!!

30th June 2014

Front modesty piece

This was hand dyed (i had to mix a few colours to get the right tones). I have drawn up a paper template for the design and since this photo i have bondaweb-ed the design onto it and started hand embroidery!

30th June 2014


So her boots are gold with leg armour, so i created a template of my shoes and covered in funky foam as a base.

30th June 2014


Progress with the armour! I made a paper template and then i used a camping mat (cheap!) to create them with clay for the details.

30th June 2014


Making Ears!