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Decapre - Ultra Street Fighter IV




I really like this character and her design! I haven't cosplayed a street fighter character since last year when I wore Juri and I've been wanting to cosplay from it again sometime, but I wasn't sure which character originally.

got some great photos! Only thing I forgot to make was the black arm band on her left arm and shoulder pads. Defo having another shoot in her! :)


Mothfox posted on 24 July, 2014 - 19:25
very awesome! I really like the decapre character sort of the complete bison assassin at his beck and call

Mr. Sat-Ash posted on 25 July, 2014 - 01:16
Brilliant cosplay. ^o^

Progress Journal

2nd July 2014

Wig complete!

The wig now fully styled for decapre :) it originally started as a 150cm long straight wig, I wanted an extra long wig as Decapre's braids stop near her lower back / almost past her butt region and the original wigs I looked at were sold out or not long enough ;A;.
overall it took me around 3-4 hours to style :) I'm quite happy with the result though! Sometimes I struggle with braided wigs or pigtails as they can get very fiddly and tangle quicker. One less job for me to do on the costume ^^