Wonder Woman (Commision gown) - DC Comics


Made this special bespoke ball Cosplay for my friend for the Ayacon ball in September 2014!

Because she loves her! I'm wearing my own hand made outfit for Poison Ivy ;) so we will be the DC girls!

WhiteWraith posted on 4 September, 2014 - 01:08
Progress is looking great!

Raye-chan posted on 4 September, 2014 - 12:20
Thanks lovely! :D I shall get full pictures at the ball my pal is so pleased with it and she can't wait to wear it, so we are very excited for Saturday :) really looking forward to seeing your poofy dress!

Cut the bust out of blue dress and remove straps – reinforce bust edge and side
Cut slit in dress on right side, including lining
Replace ribbon with stars ribbon
Find white stars or cut out some white stars for sewing on – or spray paint them on to blue dress base
Gold fabric – cut out shape for bust and for hips and add to corset
Trim the wig
Source some shoes
Source a garter
Base gown

Total cost: £0.00

6th September 2014

Full photo of my pal as WW!

This is a full photo of my pal Charlotte dressed in the WW ball gown :)

3rd September 2014


So pleased to have finished! Finished sewing the edge an painting the stars on the dress xD The stars could do with another coat but I need it to be dry for packing so it will do as it is :) Overall I'm really pleased with how it's all turned out!

1st September 2014

Stars painting

Working on a trail of stars for the dress - very hard as it's chiffon material! So many many layers of paint. This is panel one of three :) took an hour to do so two more then should have finished all the painting for this costume!

31st August 2014

Corset done

Hand painting on the corset is all done! It took me 2 to 3 hours to do! Next is stars painting on the blue dress. A little bit of sewing - then done. Finally a wig trim!

20th August 2014

Corset painting!

Corset painting progress :) arcrylic gold mixer on fabric - hand painting!

11th July 2014

The wonderful colours!

My friend in the dress :) I just need to cut down the base blue dress - all the other alterations will be listed in this journal as and when things happen! Bought earrings and silver bracelets today! Fabric shopping tomorrow for gold fabric for corset!

6th July 2014

Dress arrives!

Dress to edit!

5th July 2014


Corset arrived and it's the perfect shade of red - it will need the gold detailing added :3

2nd July 2014


Wig arrived and it's superb! Just need to edit the fringe and the length slightly ^^

2nd July 2014

Gown, corset, extras!

Gown is ordered and corset for editing as well as looking into the extras too! Wig is also on way.

28th June 2014

A commission for my friend for Aya ball!

So me and my friend were having a random natter about going to a Cosplay ball together and if we did what would we do! I've always wanted to do Poison Ivy and my friend loves Wonder Woman. So after much excitement and the decision to go this September, I will be making both my own Ivy ball gown and my friends WW one! So watch this space for new progress!

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