Rinoa Heartilly - Final Fantasy VIII


Aya Again 2003




This was my first ever cosplay!
Made by my boyfriend Calum who cosplayed as Squall on the same day.

The dress coat is made from a summer dress bought from Primark. He cut a section from the middle and used them as the arm warmers.
The black top was a fitted velvet strap top that I purcharsed from eBay.
The boots are second hand from a charity shop (and VERY comfy!) The black shorts are cycling shorts bought from a sports shop and the blue mini skirt was also bought on eBay. The ring necklace was a gift from my boyfriend.

I was really excited about this costume as both myself and my boyfriend loved the game.

I wore the costume again at Auchinawa 2006 and appeared in the Masqurade with Lozzie in her outstanding Edea costume...with the scary contact lenses!!
She led me out onto the stage with a big dog leash...she caught me real good :)


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