Outer Senshi Talismans (silence glaive, space sword and aqua mirror) - Sailor Moon





To go with our Myu costumes for Manchester Expo :) putting it up so I can keep track of it!

Silence Glaive - made from an old broom handle, cork board, stiff foam and paper mached before painting!

Aqua mirror - built up from an old antique mirror :) again paper mache to add the detail, sprayed painted and finished ^^

Space Sword - made by the Cosplay Armoury ^^ I called in a favour and he did a wonderful job for me!! :D


Kei Lin Sama posted on 26 June, 2014 - 21:56
Your props are magnificent. Especially the silence glaive - I want it!

Lady-Aira posted on 27 June, 2014 - 18:10
Thank you so much hun -^^- Saturn's glaive still has an uber long way too go and I hope it comes out alright! ^^;

Ranma1-2 posted on 1 July, 2014 - 20:21
wow, Aqua mirror looks spot on. :)

Divadellarte posted on 9 August, 2016 - 17:11
These are fantastic. Love the level of detail, especially on the mirror!

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