Leonie Heartilly

Costume :Sara Sidle
Variant :Forensics overalls
Source :CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London Super Comic Con 2015

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Current forensic kit


Costume Information

Cost : £48.16
Time Taken : A few hours

*This costume is now retired*

I'm going to a location photo shoot in a week's time and wanted to take an extra costume with me. Obviously the time limit is a big issue so this came to mind as it'll suit the location and should be quick to put together. Any kit I acquire can be reused with the other version of Sara I have planned already too.


~Please see my journals for more details on the construction of this costume as well as progress photos~

The overalls were bought on ebay and I added the CSI patch and FORENSICS lettering.

The boots were bought on ebay.

The foresnics kit was put together using a mix of ebay, other websites and items from my pharmacy.


No challenge with this costume, quick to do and comfy to wear.
As well as the private photoshoot I also wore it at the London Super Comic Con 2015 where I think only one person knew who I was lol


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Current forensics kit (Posted 22nd June 2014)


Crime scene tape
Evidence seals
Maglite mini torch
4 tweezer set (straight, curved, spade, self-closing)
5 x long sterile swabs in sealed tubes
2 x specimen tubes
2 x specimen pots
Spray bottle (luminol)
Magnifying glasses
Latex gloves

Back of overalls (Posted 21st June 2014)

All finished

Forensics lettering complete (Posted 21st June 2014)

I think this was two coats.

Forensics lettering (Posted 21st June 2014)

After finding the closest font I could find I printed out the letters onto paper and cut them carefully to make a stencil. I painted directly onto the overalls using Dylon fabric paint.

Front of overalls (Posted 21st June 2014)

Patch handsewn on.

Pocket modifications (Posted 21st June 2014)

Original pocket flaps removed and reused as a sort of binding.

Boots (Posted 20th June 2014)

I don't like the finish on these, looks kinda like suede but they were the best I could find in such a short time.

Base overalls/ boiler suit (Posted 18th June 2014)

Another ebay purchase. As with the combats I wear with some of my Resident Evil cosplays it took a while to find one that wouldn't swamp me as they are usually designed with men in mind.
I will need to make modifications to the breast pockets.

Patch (Posted 14th June 2014)

C.S.I. Las Vegas Nevada patch bought on ebay.

Reference photos (Posted 13th June 2014)

Reference photos