Hawley Griffin - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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Captain_Marvelous posted on 11 May, 2009 - 09:21
Could have swore I commented this with an aproving yeeeees!!! get it done ^.^

Anonymous posted on 27 August, 2010 - 19:11
Please still do this! My lovely sinxsational is doing Skinner, we're trying to get a Hyde and the beautiful lady Pudding is going to be Quatermain! :0

Marauchettes posted on 27 August, 2010 - 21:12
Tell me when for and i will! Really want to go around with a full bandaged head XD

Progress Journal

29th August 2009


Just bought a new wing-tip shirt which is much nicer than the previous one which is a bonus :P

still need to find a nice Red waistcoat however =/
also any tips on how to go about bandaging up my entire head would be very helpful, i'm considering some form of balacalava as a base then just fill in the gaps with more bandages