Princess Aurora (Blue Dress remake) - Sleeping Beauty

Status :In Progress
Worn At :Ayacon Cosplay Ball 2014




I made this like a hundred years ago and it was awright but tbh also pretty pish and I want to remake it. I'm gonna try and make it a bit more fancy shmancy though.


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Progress Journal

Tiara Saga Part 2 (Posted 14th August 2014)

So I took a stanley knife to all those cheeky wee extra bits of worbla floating around and made sure all the edges were parfait. Originally I was going to find something to shape it round because that's what every tutorial ever said you should do when making a round object. BUT I am impatient and wanted it to be round NOW! So I trawled through the flat looking but everything was too small, too big or the wrong material so I just went crazy and did it without a base. REBEL. But it turned out ok! It's not perfectly round but you wouldn't know at all if I hadn't just told's fine nobody will read this, right?

anywho next step is priming and sanding and painting and blinging. I can't wait to bling it up. My bling is ready and waiting.

Tiara Saga Part 1 (Posted 13th August 2014)

Woah, what is this "journal" function? What is this "cosplay"? What is this "journalling my cosplay progress"? PEOPLE JOURNAL THEIR PROGRESS!? PEOPLE STILL COSPLAY!?!?!? I'm just kiddin'.

So I was determined that this tiara would have some of the pattern that is in the artwork for Aurora. Last time I made my tiara out of foam which did the job but wasn't overly sturdy. So this time I opted to give worbla a try! Thankfully whilst the size and shape of her tiara changes from picture to picture the pattern mostly remains the same. I just kind of went for the size and shape I liked most. I used a craft foam base and to add details I used string, beads and shaped cut out from foam. Ok so really the details are actually embossed in her tiara but jesus, I'm only one woman and my skills/time are limited so we're gonna have to make do with the patterns being raised.

I, terrifyingly, heated up the worbla til it was a wee bit flimsy then placed it on top of the foam base and used various pokey objects (technical term) to bring out the details. I then screwed up and heated it up too much and there was a bubble and I panicked and fucked up shit but it's ok I fixed it. Kinda.