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I was originally going to wear this costume for London Expo Oct 07... but my Soubi backed out and I couldn't be bothered to get change again xD... so I decided to just be Haruhi and moogle for Oct... But yeah I wanted to do Ritsuka because he's kawaii! And my friend needed a Soubi so I said I'd do it xD. I was going to do the version with him wearing a green top with a black turtleneck underneath; but i couldn't find the correct fabric for the green top and I couldn't find any in charity or retail shops... so I changed my mind to his other casual clothing xD;

It was basically closet cosplay apart from the cat ears and tail which I made in no time at all xD

Anonymous posted on 27 October, 2007 - 16:56
Nice ears XD I'm sorry I didn't get to see you as Ritsuka at the October Expo... *pokes* you should wear it next time maybe? *feels urge to cosplay Seimei at some point*

CrystalNeko posted on 27 October, 2007 - 19:15
Yay yay! Seimei! My onii-chan! XD Yeah I'd like to debut Ritsuka sometime =3... Maybe in May or something xD From your avi I think you'd make a great Seimei! =D

Hexi posted on 27 May, 2008 - 18:44
i've only just recently started to read loveless but i <3 it already. >w< i wasn't too sure about the SoubiXRitsuka combination but it's kinda cute! >w<

Anonymous posted on 27 May, 2008 - 20:01
hehe... i'm planning on being ritsuka for the october MCM this year :D

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