Orochimaru - Naruto


Going for an old school Orochimaru. I've been a big Orochimaru fan for a while, he's creepy but fun.

So far I've bought a shirt and shaped it into a tunic. I already have the right trousers and long shirt. I just need to make a belt, get some shoes and sort the black neck bit out. Plus sort out accessories of course.

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Be creepy
Buy purple make-up
Get materials for earrings
Get material for neck section
Buy or make shoes
Make belt

Total cost: £0.00

7th June 2014

Phase two

I cut up the shirt I bought off of eBay and I'm pleased with the result. As its a men's shirt it is a great length to make it look like a tunic but it is rather wide. I need to pin it in but the belt should help too. Next up, shoes abd belt.

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