Ruby Rose (Version 2) - RWBY




Mostly the same outfit with a few tweaks here and there~ Managed to improve the bullets and the belt emblem, however I ran out of time to redo the belt pouch. I also got a new wig that's a bit more accurate, and the corset was modded to reflect the design change from concept to release.

Crescent Rose... WHERE DO I EVEN START. THERE ARE NO WORDS. This weapon will forever haunt me =_______= I'm happy it looks good in the piccus but still ran out of time to redo it, again thanks to uni hand ins a week before Expo.

Thankfully managed to get some good shots of it before disaster struck in the form of hail during the Saturday of Expo... Yep, goodbye weapon attempt number 2.

So insanely happy with the piccus we got from our awesome shoot with Chapman (LP Cosplay Photography) so the pain was all worth it XD


MadlyScientific posted on 2 June, 2014 - 13:46
Omg I love this, your weapon is amazing!!!!

Lady Bahamut posted on 6 June, 2014 - 15:24
Woooooow the scythe is so cool! :D As is the rest of the cosplay, the wig is a nice touch with the red bits in it! :)