Ranka Lee (Yellow Dress) - Macross Frontier


Base yellow dress commissioned by CrystalNeko~

My dad did all the blue as it was a nightmare getting it all to fit on properly. I then glued all the gems on with hot glue. The scarf I made from the left over yellow fabric.

Necklace made from craft foam and painted gold.

Boots borrowed from CrystalNeko!

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Blue Applique & Gems
Base Yellow Dress (By CrystalNeko)

Total cost: £0.00

27th June 2014

Dress WIP

Commissioned by CrystalNeko!! I cut the pieces out, she patterned and sewed it all. Its made from a medium weight cotton. Altered the design slightly so its more flattering on me as i'm unfortunately nowhere near as skinny as Ranka is haha Just need to add the blue, sew on the gems and make her scarf which i'll be doing myself.

18th June 2014


Bought from anime wig (zing-vogue) on eBay~

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