Pietro Maximoff
X-Men: Days of Future Past

Cosplayer: shadowsora

Variant: silver jacket

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

21st November 2014: help lmao not ready

19th August 2014: shoes bought these shoes yesterday from primark figuring I wouldnt be able to get his ACTUAL shoe cause the damn klepto had to have 100 pound ones. Spray painted them today with the same colour as the jacket, and they ended up pretty good, I think. JUst need to figure out how to colour the soles (might just use electrical tape if i cant tbh) and get the laces. The colour is a bit weird at some parts aka, the paint dripped and left marks, but its not that noticeable

14th August 2014: SPRAY PAINTED I managed to spray paint one arm fully and most of the front of one half before I ran out of paint (boooo) so I bought some really cheap spray from amazon hoping that'd work. If not, then I guess I gotta wait until the christmas stuff comes out to see if they even still have that paint. so far ive only spent around £55 though, which is good! now 'all' ive got to do id but a belt, make the stereobelt, spray the rest, find some jeans (might just use some jeggings i got that look exactly like jeans) and some shoes. and some earphones. oops.

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InfiniteJester - 19th August 2014
This is looking great!

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shadowsora - 18th October 2014
uwu thank you ily

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Anonymous - 15th November 2014
Love this!