Locke Cole (Amano inspired - remake) - Final Fantasy VI

Worn AtMCM Manchester Comic Con 2014




So, remember that hella ugly version of Locke I made in about half a day for someone's birthday over a year ago on no budget?

Well I'm making it all over again, and I'm finally going to do it some justice instead of dragging half of it out of my closet! B)


MoonLily posted on 31 May, 2014 - 09:08
Oooooh! What day are you doing this? I was going to bring Relm along! :3 Progress looks gorgeous!

Squiggles posted on 31 May, 2014 - 14:08
Ooh, we must must MUST get pictures together aaa! ;A; ♥ I'm not sure on my days yet (doesn't really matter to me ;P), but if you already know what day you want to bring Relm out then I can settle on it! uwu

MoonLily posted on 2 June, 2014 - 13:59
I was thinking Sunday...but i'll PM you nearer the time to confirm! :3

Progress Journal

Progress so far! (Posted 1st June 2014)

Please ignore the dumb expression.

What needs doing:

New wig
New necklace (the beaded one is just nicked from Terra's butt-skirt for now.)
Bias on the jacket edging
Stiffen up the collar.
Possibly some patterns on the white space of the shirt?
Also possibly some kind of motif on the back of the jacket?

Back shot. (Posted 1st June 2014)

Back of the jacket seems a little plain, hence the plans to make some kind of motif on the back.

Maybe I can do some kind of phoenix theme!?

Dagger. (Posted 31st May 2014)

Tackiest. Prop. Ever.

...I love it.

Aaaand a bag! (Posted 30th May 2014)

This is a little purse I had and basically never used. :/ I decorated the shit out of it and repaired the hole in the lining. ♥ Now I have a place to put things and that's a verrrry verrry good thing!

Still working on lining the jacket, but projects like this make me distracted. XD

Choker (Posted 30th May 2014)

I had spare shit left over so pretty choker is go. B)

More accessory things???? idk. (Posted 29th May 2014)


BEADING WILL KILL ME ONE DAY. (Posted 29th May 2014)

That's it, that's the caption.

Seriously, fuck beads.

MOOOOOAR SHINIES. (Posted 29th May 2014)

If I don't get attacked by magpies in this costume I will be sorely disappointed.

Bandannas galore! (Posted 28th May 2014)

Been making a few more bandannas. There's five in total. B) A zebra one, a sky-ish blue one, a pink one (with moar zebra print!!11), a red one, and a purple one that goes underneath.

Wig is a placeholder thing by the way. B)

Jacket refit! (Posted 27th May 2014)

I chopped the everloving shit out of my old Locke jacket, removed the old lining and trim and resized it for a better fit. B) I'm still in the process of re-lining it but I need bias binding ugh sdkjfksdjfds. Also, I rounded off the shape because it used to be really boxy and gross.

You can also see the start I made on my bandanna collection. I also found a ton of leftover beads and trims etc from Terra and went crazy to make shiny danglies, earrings etc. B) I love how much sparkly tat is on this costume lmfao.