Oliver Queen - Green Arrow - Year One


A week before May Expo I decided that I wanted to cosplay a Green Arrow.

Since we didn't have the room to carry down my already built version, I had to throw together a new one based on the Graphic Novel "Green Arrow - Year One", which I picked up in Collectormania MK.

I got the beige shorts from Primark, a white vest from Asda and cut the sleeves off of a green hoodie I already had.
For the bow, in the comic he uses a leaf spring at first, so I built a basic replica using sintra and strung with elastic. It's going to need a few alterations doing, but it's not bad for a few hours work.
The quiver was a old one I'd inherited. I had three short arrow in it, which had come with the quiver, and some pipe insulation to pad the quiver out and make sure the arrows didn't move. I then strapped it to my leg using the rest of my bow string elastic so that I could flex my leg properly without it getting too tight to loose.

EDIT Aug 2016 - I really need to get some decent photos of this costume. May have to work out a photoshoot for it at some point.....

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