The Viscount - Clockwork underground




Steampunk character costume - Has appeared in the short film "Shattering Glass"

Make up:

Nail Polish - Blue base with Black cracking nail paint (Barry M)

Top Hat: - Antique (Belonged to my Grand Father!)
Steampunk accessories consists of 10 separate paces including goggles, scarves, feathers, playing cards and chains
Tail Coat: - From 2nd hand store in Oxford (same coat which the Penguin wears)
Waist Coat: - Blue from Frontier fashions
Trousers : - Black bondage trousers, made from black jeans with added straps
Cravet : Silk bought on Ebay
Steampunk boots - Modified old work boots

2 X metal "Full finger rings" worn on left hand index and middle fingers
Steampunk iPhone case (own made)
Pocket watch - bought at Camden market
JT Voltmeter "pocketwatch stule" (worn on left lapel)
Isambard Kingdom Brunel Cufflinks


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