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The first Assassin's Creed will always be my favourite.

So whilst searching in the loft over the weekend I found a load of white cloth, brown pleather and red velvet. I think I had Altaïr planned a couple of years ago but decided against it for some reason.

The costume will be altered to suit me, so basically a female version. Not much difference, just the length will be shorter and the costume will be tighter in some places.

I'm excited and nervous as the same time as this is quite a challenge. Never worked with pleather before so a lot of research and learning will be done.



~ The tabard and hood were both made from normal white cotton I found at Abakhans.
~ The belt, arm cuffs and chest belt were all made from brown pleather.
~ The left arm armour was made from worbla.
~ Tights were purchased.
~ Boots were already owned.
~ Costume still has a few minor things to add: Hidden blade, hood shape, buckles.

Quinzel posted on 27 May, 2014 - 23:01

Zelvyne posted on 1 July, 2014 - 13:11
Looking good :)

Blade Armour
Brown tights
Grey long sleeved shirt

Total cost: £0.00

1st July 2014

Left arm blade

My first experience with worbla was a success :) Love the stuff! Apologies for blurry pic.

13th June 2014

Arm bands

Again made from leftover pleather. Buckles will be added soon along with the blade armour on the left arm!

13th June 2014

Chest Belt progress

Made out of the scrap pleather and worbla. The rings were taken from my old bag and painted silver. Still in progress!

13th June 2014

Belt progress

I had to take off a panel because it was too big. I need to remember I am tiny compared to Altair :p Made from brown pleather and then sewed on the pattern. The red velvet is held in place by pins at the moment as I've ran out of red thread.

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