Black Widow (Classic comic version) - Marvel Comics




So there I was wandering around my flat in a black catsuit and red wig (as you do...) and suddenly thought, hey this would make a good black widow, I have boots and gloves and suitable firearms (plastic ones), I could do this, all I need are the widow bite bracelets and a belt.

Am going for the classic comic look, not the film version, because its bolder, and erm simpler. There doesn't appear to a truly definitive version of the comic costume, every artist puts there spin on it (seems to happen to every comic costume), so I'm going with a black and shinny catsuit and boots, gold widow bites bracelets and a gold belt with black middles and a red widow symbol on the centre one.

Wanted to do this one on the cheap, widow bites are being made from (done one set so far) from pens from poundland (10 for a quid, I need 18 to go around my wrists), which I remove the inky innards, cut some of the tip off, make two holes using a bit of copper wire attached to the tip of my soldering iron (turn iron on, wire gets hot and can just be pushed through the plastic), paint gold and black and thread with elastic through those holes to form bracelets.

Belt will be wood, haven't started it yet, I've got some wooden disks in 2 sizes (from ebay and hobby craft), after sanding them down I'll paint the larger ones gold and the smaller ones black and glue them together, then make the widow symbol from EVA foam and paint that red. Will probably glue them all to elastic or ribbon to form the belt.


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