Kyoko Mogami (Love Me Jumpsuit) - Skip beat!


This is pretty much a bought costume; I got all the pieces and then just threw them together.

I used a vintage 1970s Saint Germain corduory jumpsuit (bought from Etsy), which was the best looking jumpsuit I could find in a similar colour.

I had the patches made by e-patches.com, who were very good and I am very pleased with the results.

The belt is elastic, and slightly too wide for my taste, I may get a thinner one for future use. I got the belt from Ebay.

Also from Ebay, I got a white leather kilt styled pouch, which was really the only pouch that came close and it was very handy throughout the day, plenty of room for money, spare camera battery etc. I hooked the belt through the pouch so that the metal catches were hidden.

The red and white shoes are from Deichmann, mainly due to the price since I will only wear them with this costume.

Under the jumpsuit I wore a plain white T-shirt from Primark.

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