Tallis (No shoulder/arm armour due to need of crutches.) - Dragon Age 2




I love the character of Tallis in the Mark of the Assassin DLC. She's deadly and sexy in equal measure and has fairly sensible armour for a rogue.

The bodace is made from 3 parts, all in vinyl with craft foam detail and acrylic paint. The top is formed over a bra, the front abdomen section is semi-quilted (stitched detail) and has eyelets lacing to the back section which joins to both of the front pieces. The lacing is simple brown cord and is used to add shape. A zip was added to the back after testing and main construction due to difficulty putting the whole garment on (fiddly undoing and redoing lacing) and to also bring the size in a little without having to redo all the eyelets.

The trousers are simple jeggings (yuck, I know) dyed dark green though the dye didn't take perfectly so they're not the best colour. The leg armour pads are simple craft foam layered and hot glued with brown faux leather straps and velcro to fix to trousers (straps alone seem insufficient).

The necklace is simple faux leather with a shape from craft foam, the belts will be similar.

The boot toppers are faux leather, with magnetic handbag closures at the back for easy fixing on the legs, and strips on the front for detail held on by the brass studs. The lower cover is faux leather cut and laced with eyelets over some comfortable flat trainers.

The hood is still under construction but is a heavy brown fabric with ribbon lacing detail.

I will be wearing grey contact lenses, store bought latex ears held on with spirit gum, and the hair will be my own - fresh dye is being used a day before MCM. Weapons heavily dependent on us having enough time.


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