Code Geass

Cosplayer: Chibi

Variant: Original ballgown design

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

1st November 2009: Success! I finally managed to get ahold of my ball photos!
So yeah, me as C.C and Shenny as Lelouche ^^
I made both so we'd match as well

Uni avatar

Uni - 1st November 2009
You look stunning! Amazing work! <3 <3 <3 <3

RanmaSyaoran avatar

RanmaSyaoran - 6th February 2010
A VERY nice take on her first outfit! 8D

visiting_wizard avatar

visiting_wizard - 6th June 2010
This is awesome! :)

Darkheart avatar

Darkheart - 5th March 2013
iv only recently watched code geass but c.c is one of my fav charactors from the anime :) and you have done her rather well i must say :) well done keep up the good work :)