Fancy!Davespirte (Original Design (commission) ) - Homestuck

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This is a commission based on a original design of a character by Rumminov. The customer had permission from the artist to use this design. This commission is for the jacket, waistcoat and tie.

Originally this costume was planned for Newcastle Comic Con but due to unforseen circumstances on my part it was delayed till SunnyCon.


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Progress Journal

Waistcoat Progress 4 (Posted 7th May 2014)

When all the ribbon is attached I put all the outer parts together. Once that is done I sew lining to outer. I do an over-stitch over the edges as due to the nature of the fabric it isn't sitting quite right.

The photo is of the waistcoat finished bar buttons and buttonholes.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Waistcoat Progress 3 (Posted 7th May 2014)

Once the lining was finished I moved on to the outer. Before I put the pieces together I sew the darts and then add the strips. I decided to use ribbon to make the strips stand out. Each piece is sewn on individually.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Waistcoat Progress 2 (Posted 7th May 2014)

For the waistcoat I designed it to be quite a smooth fit under the jacket so that there wouldn't be any bulking. I put in darts in the front and back pieces so that there was no need for any kind of straps.

Photo is of the lining near finished.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne

Waistcoat Progress 1 (Posted 7th May 2014)

I started with the waistcoat as I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time to do the strips. I drafted up a patten to include the unusual design at the front. I started the unusual way of making the lining first. This allowed me to check the fit and the design.

The photo is of the first front piece.

Photo ©EJ Sephirayne