Ultimecia (Dissidia) - Final Fantasy VIII





I probably wouldn't want to make this is a) the dress wasn't crimson red and b) the hair wasn't so nuts. I love the way she looks, and she's so ... well she's a villain :P I'll be cosplaying Edea so I guess Ultimecia is just another step on that kind of ladder, and I look forward to wearing it to a ball or formal event sometime ^___^

Probably sometime early 2010, not that I haven't already started looking around for fabrics ^^


AmethystEyes posted on 26 May, 2009 - 12:56
Dissidia :D I'm cosplaying the Cloud of Darkness from ff3 (not the dissidia version though, the DS one) but we need pictures together as the only two existing female villains!

Sephirayne posted on 23 November, 2009 - 05:30
Awesomeness. Looking forward to seeing this. I'll be doing Sephiroth Dissidia version at some point so it will be great to have pics with you.