Augusta Vradica / Seth Nightroad (Artbook Variant) - Trinity Blood


I'll be making this and several others so I'm not entirely sure which one I'll wear when. Hopefully I'll be able to bribe someone into wearing one of the costumes with me, because I'm into the New Human Empire and would hate to cosplay Trinity Blood alone! XD Perhaps I'll try to gangpress some cosplayers into doing it with me ^^

The other costumes I plan to make for Expo that are Trinity Blood related are Esther's coronation gown (actually that's for Nov. 2009), Astharoshe Asran, Ion Fortuna, Abel Nightroad and William Wordsworth. But if I can gangpress more models for it I want to make Mirka Fortuna and Catherina Sforza too. Sooooo many costumes it's a shame I can't wear them all at once... or can I?

Sephirayne posted on 2 November, 2009 - 01:09
Looking forward to seeing all your TB cosplays. XX

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