Meiko (Love-Coloured Ward ) - Vocaloid 02



For Japan Expo~
Miku - CrystalNeko
Luka - BernieBear
Rin - TheStarlightFairy
Meiko - Me

brigade-chief posted on 12 June, 2014 - 12:38
This will be so cute!

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Red Cotton Fabric, Bias Binding, Zip etc.
Geo Bella Brown Contacts

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29th June 2014

Finished Dress

Bias added. This is the dress complete before Japan Expo, minus the bias along the bottom edge which was added after this photo.

19th June 2014

Dress WIP

Made a start on the dress today! Massive thank you to street-angel for making me a pattern as i'd have been lost without it!! Need to sew the side seams, add a zip and sew on the sleeves still. Then will just be a case of hemming and sewing on the bias binding. It probably won't look as nice on me as it does on my mannequin though =(

12th June 2014


These are probably going to kill me but least my legs will look good haha Bought on eBay.

11th June 2014


Bought my fabric today with the exception of my bias binding & lace trim, need to confer with the girls again on that one. Using a medium weight cotton, decided on red rather than red/pink as I think it suits Meiko a lot more and easyier to match to my shoes & stockings!! The amazing street-angel has also kindly made me a pattern for both the dress and the hat based off of her own Love Ward dress!! Once it arrives i will be straight to work!! Found my red stockings that I originally used for Da Qiao which is great & ordered my stethoscope. Just need to order my shoes & the trim.

10th June 2014


Bought on eBay~

6th June 2014


Decided on these, they are the GEO Bella Brown circle lenses. Bought from Candylens.

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