Yu Narukami (TV World School Wear) - Persona 4 The Golden


Really want to do this one next because I am a huge fan of the Persona series and felt like I had to do Yu or Youske.

Decora posted on 30 April, 2014 - 22:08
This will be so good :) like the Yu figure by the way :D

venterrqua posted on 30 April, 2014 - 23:14
Haha thanks :) Yours will be awesome too :D

tuckertrickster posted on 23 June, 2014 - 19:36
Looks awesome :D

venterrqua posted on 24 June, 2014 - 20:22
Thanks man! :D

14th May 2014

Student from Yasogami High ;)

finally arrived and i think i love it XD

9th May 2014

Shoes are a pain XD

Just got the shoes today and managed to do the design on the right shoe (threading leather isnt easy or comforable) and one more to go but came out quite well :) Edit: and second one is done, my fingers have never felt so much pain but worth it :)

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