Shin Kazama (OVA) - Area 88


AmeCon 2008




Modified from the Anime Version of this costume this is still probably my most expensive costume to date. I spent a long time researching the exact kit that Shin wears in Area 88 and then tracked down each individual component and modified them to get them as close to the source material as possible.

The helmet was a Gentex HGU-33U I bought from a military outfitters in the US, I added the mask bayonet docks and tracked down the same model mask and custom fitted it myself. I then added Shin's purple Maltese cross to the helmet using custom decals I made myself.

The mask is an MBU-5, which was used by Shin in the anime and was in common use by pilots of US jets during the time period Area 88 is set in.

The harness is a US Navy MA-2 pilots harness as used by Crusader pilots in the 1970/80's this was also quite difficult to source but I wanted to get the look right.

The roll neck was bought from a TK Maxx the day of the con at 9am as I had left my other one at home!

The Jumpsuit is a standard USAF issue flightsuit. Its light and very cool to wear. Making the costume fun to be in.

Shin's costume was very pricey and labor intensive but I think it was well worth the effort. It has become my signature costume and I have yet to see it done by anyone else, the only problems being hearing is rather tricky and it can be warm wearing it.

This version was debuted at Amecon '08 but had its first proper outing at Kitacon '09 with the fine details ironed out. I got to meet Chris Patton who voices Shin in both the OVA and the Anime. He loved my costume and even signed my helmet!


Captain_Marvelous posted on 17 May, 2009 - 14:46
I cant handle that no one has commented this :) well done man.

Alias Cosplay posted on 3 June, 2009 - 09:44
This needs more love! You look awesome in this, you suit it so well :)