Barbarian (Female) - Diablo 3


London MCM Expo Comic Con May 2014

Grand prize winner, LFCC Cosplay Championship 2014. 1st Runner up, MCM London Expo Cosplay Masquerade 2014

Showcased 6th July 2014 What is this?




After making two EVA foam Mass Effect suits, I felt I wanted to try something with this Worbla stuff everyone seems to be going on about. I'm a lot happier making armour than sewing, and my love of Diablo 3 gave me the perfect excuse. I was torn between the Barbarian and the Demon Hunter, both of whom have incredibly cool outfits, but in the end I've gone for Barbarian first (less fabric involved, clearly).

It's taken 3 XL sheets of Worbla to make, and I have to say I'm totally sold on it as a material to work with - it's great to be able to form, sculpt and shape it into the sometimes bizarre things this costume has entailed.

Before we began painting, Si and I decided that whilst we definitely wanted the illustrated, out of the game look of the Blizzard game, we also wanted it to look a bit rough and ready too. So instead of smoothing over the armour with PVA or Gesso, we've kept it in its' natural state. Instead, we gave it some spray plastic primer and matt black, then went at it with drybrushed acrylics.

[EDIT] Thank you everyone for the Showcase and lovely comments, I'm lost for words!


Felixize posted on 26 April, 2014 - 16:29
Wow,I'm really love the work you've done on this! The paint job one the bones in particular is really superb!

Siouxsie James posted on 26 April, 2014 - 16:32
Progress is looking sweet!! Good luck with the rest :)

Moonchild posted on 26 April, 2014 - 18:30
Progress is looking great so far!!

Ranma1-2 posted on 26 April, 2014 - 21:51
Wow. Armour wip looks fantastic! Nice work. :)

ArcaneArchery posted on 27 April, 2014 - 11:44
Awesome work and the painting is so neat

Kei Lin Sama posted on 29 May, 2014 - 23:02
Found you! It was great to meet you in the masquerade queue. You have the most amazing Worbla skills. Flawless craftsmanship! Damn I'm so jealous!

Getti posted on 1 June, 2014 - 20:08
You were so amazing! This costume is fantastic.

HelenaLove posted on 4 June, 2014 - 08:45
I saw you at MCM expo and was very impressed, great work on he armour

Siouxsie James posted on 5 June, 2014 - 06:50
Nice!! This worked out so well!

tripletriad posted on 5 June, 2014 - 22:06
Phenomenal. Are you even real? Wow ;A;

WhiteWraith posted on 7 July, 2014 - 15:02
This looks amazing! Love the armour :)

Kacela posted on 7 July, 2014 - 16:55
Awesome construction on this! You make one epic (and gorgeous) Barbarian.

Kei Lin Sama posted on 7 July, 2014 - 18:50
Beautiful, fierce and magnificent! Congrats on the showcase!

Sephirayne posted on 8 July, 2014 - 02:59
Amazing work on the armour. Congratulations on the showcase.

Siouxsie James posted on 9 July, 2014 - 07:35
Grats on the showcase :)

MattyBoy posted on 9 July, 2014 - 18:50
Wow, this looks like something I'd expect to see worn by actors in a movie or something and as for that guy dressed as a monk in one of the pictures ... I'll never be able to play Diablo 3 again on my monk without picturing him.

pelagia posted on 14 July, 2014 - 13:03
Congrats on the win at LFCC yesterday! Was great to meet you :D

Manjou posted on 18 October, 2014 - 23:06
The detailing and paint finish on your armour is amazing! :D