Marshall Lee
Adventure Time!

Cosplayer: slycrazy

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

TinyRicki avatar

TinyRicki - 28th May 2014
Awesome Marshall Lee you nailed it dude!

slycrazy avatar

slycrazy - 28th May 2014
Thank you so much! That comment made my day :'D

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 4th June 2014
*faints* this is perfect! You really suit Marshall Lee :3

slycrazy avatar

slycrazy - 5th June 2014
Thank you so much @LoonyLeo ^-^

GroovyGenesCosplay avatar

GroovyGenesCosplay - 28th June 2014
You make the grooviest Marshall~

kellyb avatar

kellyb - 6th November 2014
Wow, really awesome Marshall Lee!

WolfyKid avatar

WolfyKid - 25th April 2015
I love mashall lee and this looks sooooo awesome! Great cosplay!

Kitri du Lac avatar

Kitri du Lac - 18th May 2015
Super cosplay! Hope I see you at MCM!