Awayuki Himeno (Light Pretear) - Pretear





This was my very very very first cosplay attempt.
and it failed.
i just wasn't skilled enough.

but i've been clamouring to do this again and i just love the design and the anime so much i couldn't pass it up.
And now i have more knowledge and skills i'll hopefully be able to do this! ^^

Some day i'd like to do the Manga version of the Fire Pretear.

Probably for Fuyu Con also. ^^ if i go. ><

I seem to be taking a liking to Yellow themed outfits recently huh? ^^


Solaria posted on 18 May, 2009 - 19:29
8D i really love this anime x3 You'll make a wonderful Himeno 8D {Miss you Haruka~~~}