Saber (full armour) - Fate/Stay Night




This has been 2 years in the planning, I fell in love with the outfit the moment I saw it and new I had to make it as soon as possible.

This took a loooooooong time to make. I started in january, finished the last friday of may: at 2AM the morning I was leaving to go to london.

The wig was originaly my Ilya wig. Coiled up and the braid was added with extentions tied with a ribbon. The 'antena' is a wire with a mix of wig and extention set with PVA. Its very very, backheavy.

I adore the dress. ts a bit warm to wear bit I love the way it sits and flows, love the colouring too.
It was time consuming, especialy all the hemming on the skirt. The white v details are made by heat n bonding a small layer of cotton to the back of the skirt and cutting the details. I was a bit of a dingbat as I maked the details in pen and couldn't get them out, so I had to paint over the marks.
The blue is a heavy cotton drill, the white is a pain cotton and I think the gold is lame.

The armout is a mix of cardboard, craft foam and a few other bits. It was spray painted after the acrylic failed to give me the finish I was after. It receved alot of damage over the day I wore it; there was alot of crowds and people kept walking into me with bags, destroying the skirt plates.

The front skirt pannel is safety pinned onto my dress. I didn't want to attach it to anything. the silver dangly bits are paperclay.

I know the Vs on excalibur are the wrong way round. Its wood, cut and shaped, with cardboard and paperclay overlayed for the thicker parts. Transporting it to london was fun, it was bubble wraped up but the coach driver put it in the hold in such a way that it receved some damage.

Its suffered with expo, the dress only needs a little washing due to paint transfer; the armour is in more of a state, at a minimum I need completly remake the gloves at least.

I do really love this costume, but I want to make to better as there are things wrong with it and little innacuracies (tiny little bits missing off the armour for example). I'm going to look into other matererials to remake it all sturdier, maybe thermoplasitc.


timpey posted on 13 May, 2009 - 13:43
hehehe awesome ^---^

nanahara posted on 13 May, 2009 - 16:01
brilliant ^^, Saber is awsome

Sunsetdancer posted on 13 May, 2009 - 18:48
Ive got the game, imported it from Japan. It wont make alot of sence to you though unless you can read Japanese or get the patch from Setting the game up with the patch and making it work on your PC can be hard work. You have to set your PC to region Japan which can then make running other apps hard. Microsoft do have a program on their website called Applocale which you can run it through though. But the game is good. I thought you had three different archs depending what choices you made through the game but it doesnt work like that. You have to complete the Fate senario before unlocking the Unlimmited Blade Works senario and then the Heavens Feel senario. Get it if you can though, but it can be expensive since its hard to fine. I paid over £35 before delivery.

k4tt posted on 1 June, 2010 - 15:42
I'm pretty sure I saw your awesome cosplay. Were you anywhere near the Cosplay Desk at any point on Saturday?

infinitydragon posted on 1 June, 2010 - 15:50
yes I was, for quite a while due to repairs.

k4tt posted on 1 June, 2010 - 16:34
Ahhh, I thought I recognised you. The Cosplay Desk was my home for almost all of Saturday while I was also doing repairs as well :s Was great to see your costume in person though. ^__^

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

27th May 2010

Ugla ass boots

My boots look f*ing AWFUL!
They were the biggest pain in the ass to begin with; I had a good go with them, But I've really run out of paitence trying to get them to look decent.
I'm probably going to haft to repair the paintwork several times over the expo weekend.
Because of the palates they are also incredibly difficult to walk in.

26th May 2010

Oh god not now!

I've just tried to have a tille try on of all the armour pieces to check the order I need to put them on on the day,
and the one of the skirt plates has broken off. The thread holding it to the belt snaped when I did up the belt chord.

I didn't want to haft to glue them in place but it looks like I'm going to haft to as well as restiching;
Looks like theres going to be a few extra fake 'nodules' on them to cover the thread.
After evrything had gone so well over the last week, this has upset me alot; but at least it has happened now and not in london
and at least I have the dress that based off the non armour artwork if any more breaks over ther weekend.

24th May 2010

nearly ready

Cutting it very fine, but I'm getting there.
Its turned out that the armoured gloves are going to haft to be two pieces for each one, the glove itself and the arm part.
Both arm parts are nearly done,just neeed a little painting. The glove parts are a little more difficult and several pieces still need heat shaping and attaching.
The boots are the biggest problem, I just can't get the plates to behave and stick, I may just give up and paint the boots straight out.

I'm trying to avoid needing to do any work on it on friday in the hotel.

21st May 2010

one week left.

I'm getting there with it, all the bits are coming togeather.
unfortunatly I've hit the massive snag of running out of glue and paint, so till tomorrow I'm going to get all the finishing bits on the dress done.

9th May 2010

armour issue/ additional

The acrylic silver for painting it isn't giving the finish I want. I'm going to get hold of some spray paint tomorrow and try that and leave the blue in acrylic.
Got hold of some eariler. It got tried out on the skirt pieces which had been previously painted and i didn't like the finish.
They look a heck of alot better. Its a bit shinier that I really wanted but the colour is even and not streaky as it was with the acrylic.

9th April 2010


I've finaly started in on excalibur.
Its going to be solid wood, and will be 3 joined pieces.
My dad has helped me with it a little since its been a long time since I did any woodwork of this scale.
He's also helped ont he tool supply front.

3rd February 2010

skirt issues

Since her skirt is very big nad has alot of fabric, its going to require a very big petticoat to get it the right shape and an accurate size.
The petti is going to be made of my huge pile of leftover netting, which is in a huge crazy variety of colours; including neon pink.
I figured i'm going to need to make a slip over it to hide it enough and make sure the coloured fabric definatly doesn't show throught the white.

She's going to be very warm to wear with all the layers.

30th January 2010


Patterns found for both parts of the dress. The white skirt and bodice will be modified from a bridesmaid dress pattern and the blue parts a mix of the same dress patterns and a coat modified in diffrent ways.

26th January 2010

stuff 2

Wig is nearly finished, and I have all the dress fabric;
so I will definatly have it for expo.
If I can get those completed by the end of feb at the latest I should have enough time for the armour, sword and avalon by expo.
The sword will come first though.

2nd January 2010


I've started her later than plammed.

I'm going to start with the dress and wig as they are the basic minimum I need, and anything else is a bonus.
I hope to get it all finished in time for expo, but as long as I have the basics I will be happy.
If not I'll save the armour for Toko and just have the dress for expo.