Professor Chaos
South Park

Cosplayer: Denmark

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AmethystEyes avatar

AmethystEyes - 7th May 2009
Yes yes yes!

MoonLily avatar

MoonLily - 7th May 2009
This is going to be so wonderously epic. :P

Roze-Chan avatar

Roze-Chan - 5th June 2009
Aww, awesome! Can't wait to see this one finished! XD

Kuma avatar

Kuma - 16th June 2009
Haha, you'd better bring this one over here >=D

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 24th July 2009
This is looking seriously EPIC XD I cant wait to see the whole outfit~

kitty avatar

kitty - 24th July 2009
this is so awesome!
Like...BEYOND awesome.... its just...
GAH you rock!!!!

FrankieEstee avatar

FrankieEstee - 1st October 2009
Wow that looks amazing! Can't wait to see it finished *O*~

WhaleInTheSky avatar

WhaleInTheSky - 18th November 2009
Looking awesome so far~
Can't wait to see it finished ^_^

Zanaso Rymm avatar

Zanaso Rymm - 2nd February 2011
super awesome ^^ I really want to see this when at kita

JinxRiddleWolf avatar

JinxRiddleWolf - 7th December 2011
xD This is just pure awesome xD