Ravio - Legend of Zelda a Link Between Worlds

In Progress

Kitacon 2014


been wanting to do zelda cosplay for a while so decided on Ravio, will be working on the wig at some point.

Came up with the idea and motive to make this after purchasing a beach ball from amazon for £3 and papermache-ing the whole thing in a few days then leaving it for months before the last week before Kitacon i decided to finish it!

The resin gem for the belt was cast at Kitacon! although the silicone mould was made in advance didn't fully dry till the day before Kita.

Spending a few hours sanding the gem to smooth down the sides and attach to the belt using contact glue as learnt in the past hot glue does not work on pleather!!!.

The robe was the easiest part to make the belt after that, the head too ka bit of planning bout came together quite nicely in about 6 hours of nonstop work hot glue and a few trips to craft stores for glue sticks and fabric!

Overall proud of it, plan to make shoes and enter this in the minami masquerade perhaps, whilst wearing the wig as well.

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