Aurora (Prince Phillip) - Sleeping Beauty

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Costume for Seattle's Sakura Con 2014

Based on this fanart by godohelp


BlueberryTale posted on 18 March, 2015 - 00:29
Love this! You did a great job!

Progress Journal

Last Minute Cosplay (Posted 14th April 2014)

So I'm in the US visiting my boyfriend who wanted to cosplay Prince Philip for one of the days of this con in Seattle we're going to, and I find out he's planned another as a surprise on the other day. Which is great but I was planning on having normal clothes. I also found out this con is way bigger than I'd first expected so I really really wanted to do another costume for the other day.

My love being the genius he is suggested Aurora cross dressing as Phillip as we'll already have the components for the costume from my Briar Rose and his Philip. I just need to finish making his costume and check that it fits me and it should all work out great! :D Super excited about this one now as it's one of my favourite Disney fanarts.