Hula Girl
Space Dandy

Cosplayer: Heorot

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

28th April 2014: Cuff 2 Now onto the ankle ones 0_o EDIT: Left one down, right to go!

28th April 2014: Cuff 1 Quite fiddly threading the leis alternately and it took a few goes to get it right. Even so I would have liked more flowers on the inside of my wrist but it isn't really possible

26th April 2014: Top finishedd s orry about the loose threads OTL

25th April 2014: You can't take the measure of a good woman by ogling her chest... 1x cup finished woop woop

23rd April 2014: Hair flower I'll try to make it out of the array of leis I have but if it doesn't work then I'll buy a costume one

22nd April 2014: Top sections done One is neater than the other idk do I need to re-do it?

22nd April 2014: Yellow detail 1 (:

17th April 2014: Wigeh So this is my wig research which I'm really undecided on. Even though it's the worst quality of them all, I do actually like the middle one on the bottom row but I doubt it would look that good in person.

16th April 2014: Patterning the yellow detail Not gonna rush this to avoid being unhappy with how it looks

16th April 2014: Top update Red is all finished! Now to figure out the yellow details. Bonus: my cheeky apron

16th April 2014: There's Always Tomorrow, Baby After an initial rocky start to the day I'm now feeling a lot better and have completed one of the bikini cups save for the yellow details. Now to begin on the other

16th April 2014: Don't you know that the things we don't want are the things that happen? Managed to start sewing the red down on the bikini today but my poor dexterity atm held me back from carrying on to finish it :< Plus I couldn't try more tonight as I have horrible side effects from medication. Let's hope luck is more on my side tomorrow

14th April 2014: Start of top Lil peek of rough chalking including yellow details

14th April 2014: Pinning Lalala

CyanideCustard avatar

CyanideCustard - 16th April 2014
You will look out of this world, baby! *slicks hair*

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 17th April 2014
Hopefully (love dat pun). Nervous but excited too :>

cosplaymatt1 avatar

cosplaymatt1 - 18th May 2014
a shame ya might not wear this anymore if you like I will keep an eye out for a grass skirt when I get more paint ?