Katsuragi Misato - Neon Genesis Evangelion


I was desperate to pick at least one fairly straightforward costume for Minamicon, and Misato seemed about right. I remember watching Evangelion when I was younger, and thinking of her as this cool, sexy type. She's quite the reverse, isn't she? All drunk and sloppy and not sure who it's appropriate to sleep with.

I struggled to get the components I needed in a fairly short space of time - I had to run with a base jacket which was rather too short, as I couldn't find anything half that good which actually fit me, and I definitely didn't have time to make one from scratch (I made my Minamicon costumes while I was still working on Agent Brand).

Dress is altered from existing clothing. Wig I cut and styled myself. Socks aren't socks any more - I made them into ankle cuffs out of some rather posh gardening socks.

I spent the entire day trying to pull the dress down low enough to cover my knickers, but no regrets! Misato's great and I was proud to cosplay her.

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