Costume :Otoya Ittoki
Variant :Debut gacha
Source :Uta no Prince-sama
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :Kitacon 2014

Costume Photos


To form a star

Shy smile


Costume Information

Cost : £50??
Time Taken : 2 weeks

I got interested in this version of Otoya after I saw the adorable gacha version and I thought the outfit looked really cool :3 Plus I needed something comfy to walk around in and it was just lucky there was a group happening from when I was actually Free :D Double lucky!!


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You were so cute in this!

by InfiniteJester on Thursday, 3 April, 2014 - 20:40
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You looked so amazing as Otoya, I loved your cosplay! Still fawning over how nicely made it was *u* Glad we got to UtaPri together! 8D

by KiraraYumi on Thursday, 3 April, 2014 - 21:18
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You really suit Otoya ^^ was nice to cosplay with you!

by WhiteWraith on Friday, 4 April, 2014 - 10:16


Buttons (Posted 5th February 2014)

When I couldn't find the right shape, size or colour of gold buttons for Otoya's shoulder strap things, I decided to get hold of some plain button covers that came with a backing, using gold spandex to cover them. They're so easy to use and will be investing in them more in the future should I need them :D

Shoes (Posted 5th January 2014)

Based on the chibi gacha machine version,I noticed the shoes were white with a black sole. Much hunting round later, I discovered it wasn't easy to find something like this on the high street which didn't cost me an awful lot.

So I had the option to get either a cheap pair of canvas shoes which were white and paint the sole black or get a black pair and paint the 'fabric' part white. In the end, I used a black pair.

To ensure the shoes looked white, I painted a few layers of white fabric paint over the pair and sealed them using mod podge which looked pretty snazzy afterwards ;D