Super Sailor Jupiter (Super) - Sailor Moon


I originally made this version of Sailor Jupiter back in October 2010, but I will be re-making it and joining a lovely group of Sailor Scouts at MCM Expo in May 2014!
I'm very excited as although I have made her 'original' costume I will be updating/remaking it into Super Jupiter! Third time lucky of making this so fingers crossed it'll turn out to be the best quality version yet lol

Limegreenjelly posted on 7 April, 2014 - 19:39
Would love to meet up with you for some photos :D I'm currently making Original Sailor Jupiter for Comic Con in May ...

Style Brown Wig
White Bodysuit
Green Pleated Skirt
Pink Bows
Green Boots
Tiara (Made by Nomes)

Total cost: £0.00

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