Drakengard 3

Cosplayer: soibro

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

3rd November 2014: wig test I ended up dropping Five for October Expo and a good thing really since my wig didn't arrive until two weeks after.
I like the length and style but I'd like a longer one and a different shade of blonder.
Excuse the wonky "V" and no plait haha

20th October 2014: Gloves These are so rushed omfg cries, so many mistakes one can see when I have all my armour it will be fine lmfao I'm so half assed I'm sorry.

Tried the base gauntlet on just so I know it will fit ok on when I have my layers on

20th October 2014: Arm pieces Got all my arm pieces cut and ready for worbla (I was stupid and didn't bring enough worbla home with me to actually work on this whoops)

20th October 2014: Leotard, thigh highs and jumper Went home to do some sewing this weekend, as usual I didnt use a pattern and guessed how to do the leotard OTL I made a few mistakes and spent most of the time unpicking LOL but I think I got there in the end.

Thigh highs were super quick and easy to do, luckily my thigh piece holds them up too ahah

The jumper, I used an old cardigan lmfao. I only had black jersey, but I felt I was losing the texture from the game model too much if I settled with that so I found a cardigan and modified it.

I just have my gloves and a few bits of hemming to do and I'm done sewing

13th September 2014: Shin details Added the details onto the shin. There's bits I need to fix up because its still p messy

13th September 2014: Leg armour Since uni is starting in a couple of weeks I thought it was about time to get on with this _(:3 need to add details to the thigh and shin pieces, and do the back parts before this first leg is done!