Lan fan - FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood


Kitacon 2015


Black silk shirt with cowl and hood; black silk trousers; mask; mid-calf boots; dark hair worn in a bun; white belt

I'm really looking forward to making and wearing this costume. Lan-fan is a serious badass in the anime. She's the most interesting fighter, making use of both physical attacks and stealth tactics like flashbombs; she is loyal to Ling but isn't afraid of doing what he can't (like when she makes the decision to cut off her arm to throw Wrath off the scent while Ling is still desperately refusing to accept what has to be done); and she manages to recuperate from her automail in 6 months.

I've not seen Lan-fan done at a convention before, so it'll be fun to do a "rarer" cosplay, plus I should get the opportunity for some great photo poses. I want to get a bit more athletic with her, so I've chosen cotton instead of silk for the outfit and I've opted for a pair of boots with really good tread. This costume is going to need to be hardwearing.

Tsuchinoko posted on 22 January, 2015 - 20:09
Oh I'm looking forward to seeing her cosplayed =)

Darkiekun posted on 30 January, 2015 - 23:40
Never seen anyone do this! look forward to it

Cut pattern for top in fabric
Cut pattern for trousers in paper
Cut pattern for top in paper
Sew top
Cut pattern for trousers in fabric
Line top
Line trousers
Cut and sew cowl/hood
Cut and sew belt
Buy boots
Paint mask
Make weapons
Cut pattern for gauntlets in paper
Cut pattern for gauntlets in fabric
Pepakura template of upper body armour
Make upper body armour in foam
PVA and paint upper body armour
Pepakura template of gauntlet armour
Make gauntlet armour in foam
PVA and paint gauntlet armour
Black dye
Black lining material
White cotton
Mask base
Paints - red, white, black
Grey/silver paint
Black mid-calf boots
Navy/black cotton
White lacing/ribbon

Total cost: £0.00

23rd January 2015

Making the top

At the same time as I'm making this, I also need to make my fiancé's Ling Yao cosplay and his Link costume. So, rather than cut yet another pattern, I decided to use Link's tunic pattern for all 3 and just adapt it. For Lan Fan, this meant shortening it by rather a lot. I haven't bothered to take it in, as the armour over the top will take care of that. Besides, I'll be wearing it in the summer, so I might be grateful for a bit of air room. I've cut it as a tunic and I'll be sewing the sleeves on separately, then hemming the edges and neckline at the end. So far, it's been a really quick task - about 10 minutes with the sewing machine >(^v^)<

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