Cosplayer: KiraraYumi

Variant: Voodoo Doll

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

9th May 2014: more tests!! I am obsessed with make-up tests lately. I really freaking like make-up all of a sudden, oh my goodness, it is a lot of fun.
Anyway I tried doing another test for Hongbin's eye make-up again. I've decided to go with the less smoky look since I think I'll just look like I was punched as I can't do it too well. So this is the result feat. Shabby (ignore my little mistake pls I was trying to add more darkness and failed oTL)

Also all I need to do construction-wise now is add the panels to my shirt! Which I think I will do in a way that does not have them permanently attached because I don't want to buy another shirt.

1st May 2014: progressing~ Jacket is complete! And I did a little bit of a make-up test for the eyes yesterday....I need practice big time xD
Just have the wig cutting and the shirt to go!

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WhiteWraith - 2nd April 2014
This will be amazing, more kpop goodness!