Amami Haruka (Forever Stars) - iDOLM@STER 2


When I saw the images for this costume in the beginning I wasn't taken by it. At all. In fact I originally thought it was quite hideous! But after seeing some real life translations of it I warmed up to the idea and jumped at the chance when someone in our group thought it'd be fun to get a group of us together as they dont have any differences aside from hair accessories - something completely different to our floral and shiny festa costumes. It meant we could help each other out in sharing the same methods.

CrystalNeko totally took this one by the balls for us, sharing out a pattern to those participating and telling us where to get the best materials from, she also dished out sashes so that we all had the same fabric. I referred to her journal a lot too as she made hers ahead of the rest of us, so the only reason mine went so smoothly was because of this. I'm super grateful for her documenting her progress and helping us along!

Eventually a lot of us dropped off, but I still felt very confident that this one would turn out great and the results were fantastic. It's probably one of my cleanest costumes to date and I've already worn it twice. I had to take in the bodice pattern even though I originally thought it would be too small, and I sprayed the stars to distribute to the girls. From what I gather there were many compliments on the effectiveness of them despite the simplicity. They could also be split into halves for the sash decorations and for the head accessories.

Berniebear organised some stick on stars for our boots which were awesome, and Richard even helped to pull me along with my arm bands when I was getting too tired to even consider doing more. I also had a mishap where my wig was forgotten, but we had one very similar, trimmed the wig in the hotel room and it turned out much MUCH better than my original! So it's definitely staying.

Kannacchi posted on 8 April, 2014 - 16:25
You were so cute X3 Idolmaster is one of my favourite things so seeing you guys do your routine during KGT was amazing!

Angel Tear posted on 8 April, 2014 - 16:54
Thank you so much! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much and stuck out the long wait for KGT!

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