Cersei Lannister (Red and Gold Dress) - Game of Thrones


I love Game of Thrones and often feel obsessed with it so when Phee said she wants to cosplay Sansa Stark at May Expo I was obviously going to join. To go with Sansa I thought Shae would be a good option but I love Cersei too much. And who can deny being a Queen for a day?

This is gonna be a lot of work and part of me is terrified I won't get it done but fingers crossed I will! :D

Not for May Expo anymore

Wore this for October Expo 2014. Not with the armor but similar to it :D Phee was Sansa and our friend Sophie was Margaery. Sophie made all the dresses. I didn't get a chance to buy the wig I wanted so wore one of Phee's and the lion necklace I bought didn't arrive in time D: I wanna rewear this again soon :D

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