Valefor - Final Fantasy X



The plan is to make a stilted cosplay using our new version of our digitigrade stilts.

Why stilts (again)?

We like stilts and we're making changes to our design to make them better to wear!

For this cosplay we're hoping to give the illusion of floating/flight by creating the feet higher up the stilt, since her legs are smaller but still digitigrade.

The stilts will give us much needed height for large wings and better proportions for the head / neck.


Head will be puppeted by my self with either wires or poles, my arms will not be confined within the costume for safety reasons (and because otherwise it's going to be hard to balance.


Wings will be foldable - PVC pipe with stretched pleather to create the reptilian wings.


Use of a black suit will enable us to get correct body proportions.

SteamAndDust posted on 29 March, 2014 - 20:29
Sweet cosplay. Gotta see how this looks when done :)