Cosplayer: Natsumi

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2014

26th March 2014: Bodice So I actually worked on this before everything else because I always start with the part of a costume that worried me. In this case it was embroidary, which I didn't feel like I could avoid since the costumes been animated with such lovely detailed stitching! So this was my first time hand embroiding anything so it was a bit daunting, I'm pleased with the results so far! I still need to do the back but with my time getting cut very close I might have to finish that part for another con!

26th March 2014: Winter cloak... ...I'm going to be so waaaarrrrm in this thing.
So my capes more or less complete just need to add some fur trim to the collar and a hook to keep it in place on myself.
I've used Melton fabric for the base and a burgundy colour velvet for the pattern. I've lined the cloak aswell and I'm really happy because it's not billowing like I though it might! The first set of pom-poms I discovered were too small so annoyingly I had to buy some bigger ones... Stupidly I didn't take into consideration the velvet and pom-poms might be different colours, so I had to dye them a little darker (which actually worked in my favour since I noticed the string between pom pom and cape is meant to be lighter in colour. Whoop!)