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Kitacon 2014


I fell in love with all the costume design in Disneys Frozen the moment I saw it, the level of detail they've put into their designs is really stunning. It's great that you can get a good sense of what fabric should be used for each piece of clothing just from seeing the texture and the way it moves.

Picking which character to do was a tough decision since I love both Anna and Elsas designs, I felt I would suit anna a little more as Elsas skin is much more Pale.

This will be my first cosplay where I will attempt hand embroidery! orz
Time limit for Kita is cutting it super close so I hope I can get this done in time!

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26th March 2014


So I actually worked on this before everything else because I always start with the part of a costume that worried me. In this case it was embroidary, which I didn't feel like I could avoid since the costumes been animated with such lovely detailed stitching! So this was my first time hand embroiding anything so it was a bit daunting, I'm pleased with the results so far! I still need to do the back but with my time getting cut very close I might have to finish that part for another con!

26th March 2014

Winter cloak...

...I'm going to be so waaaarrrrm in this thing. So my capes more or less complete just need to add some fur trim to the collar and a hook to keep it in place on myself. I've used Melton fabric for the base and a burgundy colour velvet for the pattern. I've lined the cloak aswell and I'm really happy because it's not billowing like I though it might! The first set of pom-poms I discovered were too small so annoyingly I had to buy some bigger ones... Stupidly I didn't take into consideration the velvet and pom-poms might be different colours, so I had to dye them a little darker (which actually worked in my favour since I noticed the string between pom pom and cape is meant to be lighter in colour. Whoop!)

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