Wolverine - X-men [original version]




Working on making a (what I feel) is a unique costume.

- The color and design template is from Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-men run.
Blue and yellow, with pointy claws, not blades that exit from the back of his hands, not between the knuckles.

- The belt will be more akin to 'Wolverine and the X-men': X-belt buckle, and utility belt with pockets.

- The mask ended up being a rubber cast one. mostly because of time issues, but I might end up making a fabric one later.

- My cosplay made it into the Sneaky Zebra video for May MCM :D

- I received mostly positive feedback at MCM, the only critique I got was regarding the jeans, so in July 2014 I finished an updated version, with new pants and boots, to get that classic look. new picture is uploaded from the local con I wore it to.


nanahara posted on 2 May, 2014 - 13:40
looking cool man, I look forward to catching this at MCM

Anonymous posted on 5 May, 2014 - 00:24
This is amazing. Fab costume, a lot of work and you make an excellent Wolverine, bub. ;)

Progress Journal

6th January 2015


I totally forgot about this. (again) but I thought I should update the picture. this costume got a 2.0 version in July 2014.

19th May 2014

Journal entry 1

I wish I had seen this journal option earlier.. because this costume had a lot of stuff that I would have liked to had documented.. oh well, maybe next time..