Stocking //COMMISSION// - Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt


Kitacon 2014


Commission for Charlie-bear to wear, to match with my Panty!

I'm only making the black dress, she's providing everything else :)

I drafted the pattern completely from scratch, it's very similar to all the Alice in Wonderland dresses I've made so it was quick to draft.

Everything is made from a suiting fabric as this matches my Panty fabric.

Started off drafting the bodice to cut off at the waist area, then I separated the sleeves into two parts, the puff ball at the top and then the fitted bit at the bottom. I created a standard circle skirt and sewed this into the bodice and then finished it off with an invisible zipper and button at the back. I created some bias binding from the leftovers to neatly finish off the neckline.

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26th March 2014

Dress 80%

I wanna redo the trim so bad but I'm running out of time D; I cut a load of white suiting on the bias and sewed it on. I don't think I have enough for the triangles though, may need to improvise :x

25th March 2014

Dress 60%

Base dress is more or less done, woo! The zip I bought is a bit too short so I'm going to go buy a new one tomorrow after work. I also think the skirt is pretty damn long so I'm going to trim it up! I made bias binding out of the same material as the dress to go along the top hemline because I'm pretty rubbish with hemming curves haha. I think it looks nicer this way!

25th March 2014

Dress 30%

I've cut out the circle skirt and sewed the top together. It's a bit late now so the machine would be a bit noisy to carry on with! So I'm just going to cut out the sleeves and pin the zip and skirt to the top and I'll call it a night m'thinks :) I drafted the top pattern with newspaper as always. It's the same pattern as my Alice in Wonderland cosplay however, I just lost it somewhere so had to do it again, aha! Tme Taken: 2hrs

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