Koyomi Mizuhara (Yomi) (Winter school uniform) - Azumanga Daioh


AyaCon 2005




This is a vety well made commission from YingYics from eBay of Yomi's winter uniform.
The costume was made to measure and it is sooooooo comfy!
I obtained the over the knee socks from eBay and brown loafers from eBay too.
Sock glue is your friend!

I found this character rather fun to cosplay as, there is no need to act in any specific way and it means I get to wear my glasses :) I really liked Yomi, she was really underrated in the series and she was the least hassle for me to do - I have long brown hair and glasses = sorted!
All I ever need to do is tone out any highlights I have in my hair and I'm done!
Sadly this is the only good picture I have of the costume right now, and I am squinting at the camera and the winds have had a right good go at my hair :(

I found a Chiyo-chan on the day and was over the moon! I am going to wear it again at Amecon 2007 and will be keeping an eye out for any other Azumanga cosplayers!


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