Kid Loki - Journey Into Mystery


Kitacon 2014


i have never done a last minute cosplay before so this has been an interesting experience to say the least
the basic story is that whilst sorting out my wigs, i found one that would be perfect for this cosplay BUT ALAS, no sewing machine to make it. then my friend offered to let me stay round his and make it with me, i bought a bunch of fabrics and worbla and HEY PRESTO two weeks later, this is done right on time!

super excited to be wearing this because journey into mystery was the comic that really got me into comics and kid loki is probably my favourite loki. also kieron gillen is at lscc so that is a dream come true!

Niamh posted on 5 April, 2014 - 17:07
You look fantastic as Loki! Great costume :D

HarryKurt posted on 18 April, 2014 - 14:05
Such a great Loki! :D

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